The Essential

A Winter narrative

Sitting in the observer’s seat

As time sets in...

This is also why, today, we’re encouraging you to take a step back. To sit in the observer’s seat and rediscover the precious complexity ofwintery hours in all their gentle rays of light - even when off or holidaying in a distant paradise. There is a peculiar kindness to what theseason has to offer. So, in turn, be gentle - on nature, but most importantly on yourself. Let your true colours shine. Let Winter make you new.

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Let's revert to what's essential...

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what's essential

To help you make the choice, we took inspiration from all those bright tones and tints nature has to offer, spinning yarns and yarns of the purest cloth and fabric to craft nothing but essential garments - each of them a valuable stepping stone in your journey.

Then, we paired them up with the finest organic Giza cotton, linen and microfibre cloth, completely sourced from sustainable, experienced producers. Admiral, Blue, Navy, Cobalt, Cerulean, Sky which shade will you be wearing on the inside?

At the heart of the essential lies your willingness to explore

Feel the magic of the moment – then share it