A Seat Amongst Nature

A Fall / Winter Narrative

Nature’s Ultimate Generosity - Behold the Luxury of the World Around You

As our cities and urban landscapes change and contort at a frenetic pace, we seek solace in a world and environment that we inherently understand. We crave unique, natural places and garments that define and comfort us. Inner peace dwells in glorious wild escapes, in our connection with the special people in our lives and with the spectacular natural world around us. To be in tune with the biological rhythms of the animal and plant kingdoms is life’s most tangible luxury. But you must earn your seat amongst nature.

Too often we forget that “man is as much attached to nature as a tree”, in the words of Alan Watts. Man and nature should be in harmony with one another. To be in harmony with the natural world is to embrace it, fully. And what better way to embrace, cherish and be at one with nature than to cloak yourself in its abundant riches. This season, we draw from nature so you may be as much a part of it as intended to be.

Embrace Nature With Natural Fibres

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A Connection Between Nature and Us

Our connection with nature goes beyond surface-level connections. Time stands still as you stand in awe of the gentle undulations of a flowing river stream. Inspiration abounds from our breathtaking natural environment and extends to the clothes we choose to wear to warm and protect us from the elements. Our choices serve as a timely reminder to slow down and reconnect with the most compelling natural bounties. Overcome with a new and reinvigorated sense of calm and perspective; you welcome the newfound clarity on bothersome thoughts that may have been on your mind.

It is plain to see the nobility and mastery of the generations that came before us. Our ancestors understood the importance of everyday rituals to provide an anchor, and in return, transpose true meaning to our lives. It can be as simple as embracing the sunlight on an early morning walk or the feeling of a soft cashmere sweater against your skin at sundown. For some, simply being truly present in the precious moments you are afforded with your loved ones is the ultimate luxury.

Sometimes, it will be the connection with an exceptional animal that ushers nourishment into your life. The omnipresent and especially human connection with horses is just one fine example. A horse’s ability to be spiritually free while serving you as a rider and master speaks to an otherworldly, equine connection. As you care for your animals, an inherent nurturing quality will permeate myriad other aspects of your life. We are eternally grateful for the fine wool that comes from our sheep and the precious cashmere from our goats. It comes as a gentle reminder that humans, animals, and nature are intrinsically intertwined.

Let Mother Nature Work Her Magic on You

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Nature’s Minimalism - Less is Always More

The natural world has an uncanny ability to hold a mirror up to our own lives. It serves as a reminder that we can rediscover our identities in something as simple as the changing of the seasons. So slow down, and reconnect with the absolute luxury that lies in those hidden places where time stands still.

A more profound connection with nature reminds us to cherish life’s little moments. Sometimes, it’s simply the smell of the brisk country air, the feeling of a fine suede jacket, or a majestic view of the mountains help us to comprehend the natural circle of life. A comforting reminder that mother nature accepts all of us. All you must do is let her in.