Adopting The Pace Of Nature

Part I of a S/S 2020 Narrative

At One With Nature

Nature is the physical force that causes and regulates the phenomena of the world. It was here before us, and so too shall it outlast us.

Nature is the lifeblood of man. It can exist without man, but man cannot exist without it.

From nature, comes the soft and supple yarns from which Fedeli’s garments are made; the materials to make machinery, and; from the machinery comes an ability to produce garments.

From nature comes the very purpose of these garments, for it is nature that regulates climates and seasons, and hot and cold. For all we think we know of nature, though, the reality is that we know nothing at all - its infiniteness is such that it is incomprehensible.

Perhaps the best way to understand nature is through the words of John Muir; “In every walk in with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” And herein lies its charm.

For Your Bond With Nature

Madeira Airstop Unito

Nature is Pleased With Simplicity

Issac Newton once said, “Nature is pleased with simplicity, and nature is no dummy”.

As we observe nature, its beauty is easily understood. The same is true of Fedeli.

Take our burgundy knitted polo for example; simple in cut and colour, styled with an open collar and finished with subtle ribbing on the sleeves and hem, its beauty lies in its versatility.

Our Madeira swim trunks - cut from a matte green microfibre cloth and tastefully finished with metal casings on the drawstrings - are the perfect blend of simple and sophisticated. The striped one-piece polo they are worn with is equally elegant - exuding the effortless beauty of nature.

For Your Getaway Into Nature

Madeira Airstop Unito
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