Adopting The Pace Of Nature

Part II of A S/S 2020 Narrative

The Paradox of Nature

While nature can be construed as simple, and its inherent beauty easily understood, it is, at the same time, impossibly complex. And herein lies the paradox of nature. Similarly, Fedeli’s garments are simple in style yet complex in craftsmanship.

Our Argentina Frosted Crewneck is knitted from the finest Supima cotton and made by artisans in Italy. Our Madeira swim trunks have been cut from a lightweight microfibre cloth - one that is quick to dry and ethereally soft to the touch - and made under the auspices of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

The shirt - replete with its gentle collar roll and mother of pearl buttons - has been cut from organic Giza 45 cotton that hails from the Nile Estuary in Egypt. It is the finest and rarest of its kind.

For your Exploration

Madeira Cashmere Printed Airstop

In Nature There is Wisdom

If we are to extract one single thing from nature, though, it should be her wisdom. As Ralph Waldo Emerson says,

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience”…

For Your Relaxation

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