The Milanese Getaway - 1/2

A F/W '19 Narrative

Milanese Mornings

Milan; a city whose heritage is intertwined with arts and culture; a city where old worldly charm meets new world sophistication; a city that has birthed arbiters of taste and style in every domain from fashion to food; a city whose essence is elegant and luxurious.

This essence is embodied by Fedeli’s Pervinca Galaxy Velour Coat - a doublefaced knee length coat cut from a luxurious blend of cashmere and lycra for added comfort - the perfect accompaniment as one takes the tram on a cool Milanese morning.

A Winter’s Walk Through The Parco Palestro

Just as Milanese culture is layered with rich and sumptuous detail - from the gothic architecture of the Duomo di Milano, to its stature as one of the four preeminent fashion capitals of the world - a winter’s walk through the Parco Palestro calls for ensembles of layered cashmere.

Cut from neutral hues of stone - redolent of the city’s architecture - their simplicity belies their quality, and so too their charm. Simple but sophisticated knitwear exudes elegance and luxury in much the same vein as the Milanese modo di vivere.