The Milanese Getaway - Part II

A F/W '19 Narrative

Exploring The Fashion Capital of The World

Milan and fashion are inextricably intertwined. The city has, over its enduring history - especially since the era of the ’Jetset’ amid 20th century which saw high society indulge in the pleasures of a post-war Mediterranean - served as a custodian of cultured pursuits; not least of which is luxury fashion.

Cut from a supple blend of cashmere and mohair - it’s oversized silhouette adding an air of theatre - and tastefully anchored by a cream cashmere rollneck, the Fedeli Speronella Checks Coat speaks to the essence of luxury for which Milan is renowned - the perfect companion as one explores the wears of the worlds foremost luxury brands that line Via Montenapoleon, and the smaller, more intimate boutiques that line its cobbled offshoots.

For your Exploration

Jones Suede Sahariana
Vendome Dust Coat
Nelson Vest
Back Windbreaker

Indulge in The Italian Tradition of the Aperitivo

1950’s Italy - the era of ‘La Dolce Vita’ and the height of Milanese cafe society. A time of unrivalled glamour. A time in which the Italian Aperitivo culture would be embraced by the Jetset and enshrined forevermore as an integral part of Italian culture.

Fast forward some years, and a befitting bookend to your Milanese getaway awaits you at Asola Ristorante - the perfect place to indulge in the quintessentially Italian tradition of the Aperitivo. Just as the Aperitivo conjures thoughts of Milanese cafe society and mid century elegance, so too does Fedeli’s Cervina Golf Pull - a charming throwback to this halcyon era - the golden age of Hollywood - where stars of the silver screen enjoyed a similar end to their days in Milan.