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Fedeli Women’s Collection - SS23

Because white is the colour that contains all other colours.

This is particularly visible during hot, Summer months, when tones shine brighter and nature’s multifaceted soul gives birth to luxurious green, pink and blue all around.

Keep that in mind. Because, this year, Fedeli’s upcoming Spring/Summer Women’s Collection is all about reconnecting to the innermost soul of the season. Let your mind open to new possibilities and combinations and let your exploration of a whole new kind of garments for the everyday begin.

Let us give you a hint. It all starts from the love

Let us give you a hint. It all starts from the love and care we put into getting to know our fabrics and raw materials down to the smallest feature. It all starts from eyes that look intently, from hands that move numbly and which give shape to beautiful, luminous Mediterranean dreams. You might as well call this ‘true Italian tradition and craftsmanship’.

What makes this Collection unique

Solid colours, bright palettes, exclusive prints, signature colouring techniques, a whole new kind of plaited yarns for a playful game of tints and consistencies between silk and sturdier materials - introducing: our new vaniset - and much more. This is what lies at the core of Fedeli’s newest Women’s Spring/Summer Collection, which also maintains an open channel of communication with its equivalent for Men through a shared number of prints and designs.

But that’s not everything.

The most important features of Fedeli’s Collection lie hidden from sight - let’s think of the masterful choice of yarns, gauges and thicknesses that makes every single piece of Fedeli clothing a true work of art. Plain stitches, English ribs and braids intertwine and give life to unprecedented specimens of quality and creativity, attuning the Collection to any need of the season.

From iconic shirts and impalpable sweaters to loose dresses; from delicate trousers and floral patterns to sea-inspired prints and decorations,

Fedeli’s Collection caters for every need of the contemporary woman, she who values refinement and comfort above all, all day long. To top Fedeli’s offer, a selection of accessories such as belts and scarves, also coming in Fedeli’s signature, handmade style. Next Summer, be open to dreams.