Our Swim Trunks

Did You Know That…

By choosing our Swim Trunks you’re giving Mother Earth a huge present too?

At Fedeli, we believe in quality. And this, to us, means carefully selecting our materials to honor and respect the very source of those materials: Mother Earth.

This is why we wanted to let you know that, by choosing our signature Swim Trunks, you won’t only be treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind piece of true Made In Italy craftsmanship. In fact, you’ll be also giving Mother Earth the biggest gift of all, showing her gratitude and appreciation for her undying love.

And why is that?

Because we have a special recipe for our Swim Trunks. First, we select the very best of recycled polyester and plastic both for our trunks and trunks package. Thus, we work with 100% sustainable, environmental-friendly raw materials. Then, we make our Swim Trunks as light as possible, because this will help them dry in no time - in fact, they dry so quickly that, in Spain, they’re known as 90-second swim trunks! Also, we decorate them with our special transfer print technique, which yields impeccable, durable results on polyester too, ensuring a truly lasting product.

But there’s more...

And now comes the fun part: every season, we design over 300 patterns for our Swim Trunks. To meet every mood and side of the season, and, mostly, to give you the chance to express yourself fully, confidently.

So, Thank You.

From us and Mother Earth too.