The Next Rendez-Vous


Getting Back Together

The curtain is rising on Spring’s budding soul. Powerful. Yet charmingly fragile.

New cycles are starting for all living things. The sun is spreading its rays gently, shining beauty and grace onto Mother Earth. It is a unique season.

Which calls for a unique kind of celebration. So let your voyage amidst brighter days and warmer nights begin. And don’t forget to take those who you love the most with you.

Collective Celebrations

Mid-season days are all about reconnecting to your roots and being born again. Therefore, choose your companions carefully.

It’s time to step into the light again. And to be ready to face new challenges as fuller months approach fast. Start from something simple. Spontaneous.

Like holding hands in front of a beautiful sunset. Or enjoying a glass of fine wine next to a cosy fireplace. In changing weather, love comes in many ways. Make sure you’ll be in the right place to recognise all of them.

Every Day is a New Day

Most of all, let the joy of this transformative period come into you.

Then, turn it into a smooth, silky cocoon to nourish your spirit and be guided into ecstatic Spring months. Every day is a new day.

And with every bite of love that you share come cheerfulness and laughter.

Thus, tend to your love. And share it with others. Let this year’s rendez-vous be a season not to be forgotten.