Adjust to the Season Gracefully

Fall-Winter Editorial, Part II

There might be something even more peculiar to Autumn. And that is the very fabric of the season. That is the need to rethink your closet, and to pile up on warmer fibres and layers of clothing.

Out of this very need, our Autumn/Winter Collection was born. Featuring the very best of raw materials and versatile, contemporary shapes to address any need of the everyday. Cashmere, wool and sustainably-sourced fabrics.

Whether you’ll be sitting by a cosy fireplace or leisurely taking a hike, our garments will match your Winter moments perfectly.

Therefore, we invite you to lay back, take a comfortable seat, and enjoy your journey towards Winter. Knowing that the most precious companions will be with you, always. We’re talking about dappled woods, crystal-clear skies and almost-frozen bodies of water. We’re talking about that unique feeling of love and embrace which is so peculiar to colder months.

And yes, do not forget silence. Because silence will be with you, whispering secrets and charms to your ear.

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