Don’t ever believe surfaces

Let’s go deeper. Deeper than what first looks could ever go. Deeper than what lies well-stretched out for the eye to follow, catch, hold dear.

We have been telling you about riads – those secret, secluded oasis where true solace and recollection happen. Now, we want you to apply that very notion to colours and patterns. Because there is always a further layer lying underneath. Just like with people, isn’t that true? Both you and others – you contain multitudes. And it is more than OK not to let them shine on the immediate surface. Those are what is dearest and most special in each and anyone of us. Choose your love with care, but make sure you are never too shy about giving to others.

Do not think of this as the last part of your adventure.

In fact, think of this as the opportunity to start anew. From things which might not be yet. Make them happen. Let this experience be a force of change.

Future awaits let this time not be forgotten