Words are not everything…

…but they do set our work apart. To better navigate the threads of our fabric, we are bringing you words. Not lots of them. The right ones. Those which we hold dearest.


The most classic, yet refined, filling stitch, also called Flat Stitch, Jersey Stitch, or Stockinette Stitch. Loops are piled up from the right, giving shape, on the one hand, to vertical rows which will then become the surface of the fabric. On the other hand, the back of the fabric will show crosswise rows. The intertwining of different kinds of rows on the front and back brings about the sheen so peculiar to plain-stitched fabrics, which are light in weight and pair perfectly with mid-season predicaments.

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Also known as Brioche and performed in a variety of ways, English Rib aims at achieving a well-outlined striped pattern on the surface of the works, which in fact resembles the edge of a rib. This might involve applying double stitches while knitting. English Rib is an extremely versatile knitting technique. A true staple of Winter months, our F/W brims with beautifully hand-worked specimens of English Rib. We will just leave a couple of samples below for you to take a look at.

Take a look at our selection of English Rib garments