Masters of Craft

Hearts that beat. Hands that create.

At the core of our house, we cherish invaluable treasures: that unique kind of expertise that comes from passion, vision, and fierce love for everything garments and precious manufacts. And that’s simply not something that you come across. Because refinement is built yarn upon yarn, fibre upon fibre.

Refinement takes time, and craft. Refinement is the willingness to push boundaries and never let go of the lesson of the past.

That’s why we celebrate our exceptional craftswomen and men every day. That’s why we honor the vision of the generations who sparked this unparalleled love and carved it into eternity. So, we’re passing the microphone on to them. To let you experience the hidden side of Fedeli. To honor the Masters of our Craft: giving what’s beautiful a place to call home.

We Design

One Yarn Can Change Everything

Before being born, things have to be imagined. Cherished. This is why we dedicate great time and care to the very first stage of everything that happens within our home: design. Because we know where we come from, and we know where we’re going. We know we want to bring you along on a journey, and journeys do not happen by sheer chance.

So we plan. We observe. We set our creative flow free. We test everything out. We jot down notes. Then, we stop. And marvel at the phenomenal results that our joint vision and dedication has yielded.

We Give Shape

The Foundation of Beauty

Shape. And Substance. This is our dynamic duo. Shape sets in as we move from board to paper, neatly outlining the appearance of our unique pieces of garments onto paper patterns. This is the foundation of our beauty. So we cut, our hands merging into new flesh. We mutually learn from beauty in the process of its making. With each stroke of pencil, each snip of scissors, we bind our vision together, tighter and tighter. Here, we transform things which do not exist yet into things which are now meant to be. We invite you to witness the process.

We Knit

When Tradition Becomes Innovation

It was 1589. In England, William Lee had an intuition: to give structure and rationality to the process of knitting by hand, thus reproducing the effect of traditional knitting. Monza, Italy, today. Thanks to Mr. Lee and his game-changing machine, our Masters of Craft work with state-of-the-art equipment to create all staples of our Winter Collections: perfectly smooth jumpers, soft sweaters, warm cardigans, and more. And yes, we do like to cast a close eye on things as cherry-picked yarns get turned into compact layers of cashmere, and wool. Because this is the core of what Fedeli was born to be: to stand by tradition and bring it to the next level.

We Weave

Entwining the Past into the Future

Fashioning our philosophy after the craft of Penelope, we preserve. We collect stories from the past, and weave them into unequalled feats of storytelling. Because what’s making garments all about other than telling stories? Stories that are told from the hands of expert artisans, and which are then passed on from generation to generation. Stories which are built one stepping stone at a time, just as we add one thread at a time to our looms. Learning from the lessons of those who came before. Entwining our shared past into our shared future.

We Spin

Of Yarns and Machines

Round and round it goes, our circular warp knitting machine. Round and round it spins, and finesses the threads we have carefully selected from certified, conscious producers and suppliers. Just like a rustling stream, we follow along, directing the course of our threads, riding the spinning waves downstream, and making sure everything is done according to the craft of our Masters. This is Made In Italy, but it’s also more. Because everything comes down to this: to live, and breathe, to the rhythm of the living matter. To connect to the soul of what’s most precious.