Quiet on the inside, bustling on the outside.

The charm of bustling cities, the unmatched peace of secluded abodes.

To reach its peak, your journey will have to feature a balance of opposites. Sometimes, you might be drawn to the outside and its riches: colours, sounds, flavours, and changing lights. However, there will be times in which all that is needed will be rest and silence. To discover new facets of who we are. To dig deeper at the heart of what is true and forever beautiful.

Luckily, you will find places to experience calm and tranquility.

And they will be just next to your main strolling spots. All you will have to do is look a bit closer. It is easy as it comes.

You can call this a garden, but we would like to call it a riad.

The paragon of peace. The place where water is collected from the sky and shade is found when the scorching day blazes on. The riad is that inner place where everything will forever be alright.

Seek out silence. Be bold and discover something new.