Fedeli and Cantieri Creativi Unite for a One-of-a-kind Partnership

On the occasion of the 2023 Fuorisalone, Fedeli and Cantieri Creativi will give you the chance to explore our primordial ties to nature in unprecedented fashion. Come discover the signature artistic installation from April 17th to 23rd at Fedeli’s flagship store in Via S. Pietro all’Orto 26.

Fedeli and multidisciplinary Italian studio Cantieri Creativi unite in the name of nature to bring the public a truly unique kind of artistic experience. From April 17th to 23rd, 2023, Fedeli’s flagship store in Via S. Pietro all’Orto 26, Milan, will become home to some of Cantieri Creativi’s exceptional works of art: paintings, furniture pieces, and one ocean-themed visual installation which has been specifically crafted for the window of Fedeli’s store.

Cantieri Creativi is run by landscape architect Simone Teso, painter and designer Ludovica Vando and experience designer and curator Giulia Vando.

Born seven years ago from the desire of its founders to elevate and reinvent the way craftsmanship was understood, Cantieri Creativi focuses on the recovery of forgotten artisanal processes and on the use of natural materials to design timeless interiors, oneiric finishes, intimate paintings and unique pieces of furniture that invite us to embrace a ‘slower’, conscious lifestyle.

The lead inspiration for this collaboration – as well as for Fedeli’s latest Collection – comes from the African desert

A place where earth and sky meet; where silence reigns unconquered; and that challenges us to listen to the voice that springs from the centres of our souls. Because, at Fedeli, nature always comes first. Therefore, Fedeli honor and respect it every day – by selecting their yarns and fibres from certified producers only, and by crafting their garments as in olden days, with that very same artisanal spirit and experience that first motivated our founder Luigi Fedeli to pursue timeless excellence.

Fedeli’s current CEO and Creative Director Gigi Fedeli thus welcomes the collaboration with Cantieri Creativi warmly