Floral Flair


Pack Your Things and Go

It’s that time of the year again: it’s travelling time! So get ready, pack your things and make sure you don’t forget the most essential bits for this year’s holidays.

And today we’re thinking of you, bold explorer of the Mediterranean landscape! Because nothing compares to the powerful sunrises and dreamy sunsets of far-away islands. But don’t be fooled! We’re not talking glamorous nights out - at least, not only. In fact, our idea of Summer perfection is much larger than this. And it involves getting lost in the wilderness of this marvellous, one-of-a-kind islands. Your plane’s almost boarding. Here’s some last-minute advice on what to pack into your holiday closet.

Fresh, Floral & Fun

In order to connect with the truer spirit of your destination, you’ll have to wear it on your skin.

So, first of all, let’s picture it: rocky hills, white, smooth coastlines, a certain romantic flair in the air and, most of all, rustling winds and the soft crunching of the waves against the beach. Nature will definitely play a pivotal role during your Mediterranean holiday. So, why not celebrate it in all its glory by embodying it? Floral patterns, bright colours, cheeky prints… you choose! Because this year, we’ve gone as wild as the island that will host you. And we’ve created the widest range of Summer-inspired garments ever.

And today, we’re willing to give away some bits of our very own secret recipe to help you live your Summer in grand, true Italian style.

Let’s start from the fabrics. Linen, cotton, light hand-sprayed cashmere. Not only perfect samples of Summer’s body and soul, but also flexible, durable materials, to adjust to any moment of your Summer adventures. Then comes our recycled polyester: 100% sustainable and eco-friendly, a true treat to yourself and to the planet as well. Because we’ve turned it into beautiful, timeless swim trunks, available in more than 300 colours and pattern combinations. Mother Nature deserves love and respect, and we want to play our part in providing her with that.

Sunset, Sunrise and Sunbathing

 Shirts, t-shirts, trousers, dresses, light sweaters for chillier nights and much more. This Summer, we wanted to provide you with an extra-special something to bring along on holiday. This is why we just don’t like to think of our Summer Collection as made of ‘items of clothing’. Because it’s actually made of travel companions. Faithful ones, versatile ones. Beautiful ones. Sunset, sunrise, sunbathing.

This year, your memories will be made of a whole new fabric. The fabric love and craftsmanship are made of. Let the experience begin.