Quality & Tradition - Interwoven With Passion

Since 1934 when Luigi Fedeli founded his eponymous brand in Monza, Fedeli hat remained in constant pursuit of artisanal excellence. Quality remains the key to Fedeli's success - from our roots in fine tailoring, to our international role in luxury fashion.

In the Beginning Was a Hat

Not many years can be deemed annus mirabilis, but 1934 certainly was. Not only did Italy’s football team win the World Cup for the first time, but the country also witnessed the establishment of Fedeli – a soon-to-be timeless brand, crafting beautiful hats for the craving customers of the Twenties. It all took place in the industrious town of Monza, Lombardy. The name of the man behind the venture was Luigi Fedeli.

The Thread of History

WWII had spared Luigi’s company from complete destruction. However, the wind of change had come to stay. As Luigi’s son Nino walked into Fedeli’s production site for the first time, the world was moving at a radically different pace. Customers weren’t chasing after harts anymore. Instead, knitwear grabbed hold of fashion. So, Nino travelled far to master the craft of producing incomparable garments - fine and cosy to perfection. Those were the years of Dolce Vita, and every prominent woman or man would wear Fedeli.

Moving the Past Forward

1979 saw Luigi “Gigi” Fedeli entering the company as third generation in a row. This is when another shift in pace happened. Gigi was now moving the company forward both as expert entrepreneur and outstanding creative. Fedeli’s vision became bold, uncompromising, sustainable. To the day, the brand has been heralded by Gigi’s intuition and first-hand knowledge of the fashion market. Always to cherish tradition and family legacy while moving the past forward. With us. Let the thread continue.

Sustainability is Not a Luxury

From Day One, we committed to sourcing the very finest fibres and raw materials from accountable, certified suppliers. Cherry-picking our yarns to be gentle not only to your skin, but to our planet as well. But today, Time’s Up for Mother Earth. And we want you to join Nature’s cause too.