Bathe in the Sound of Silence

Summer has a very peculiar way of communicating its spirit. It does so loudly, almost cheekily. On the contrary, Autumn speaks with softer tones and invitations. It reaches out its hands as an offer of peace.

This might be the very reason why Autumnal rest comes so very welcome after hot, yearning Summer days. This might also be the reason why this is such a peaceful, silent season, only electrified by the fluttering of falling leaves, the chirping of birds and the gurgling of water. Autumn quiets nature down.

And brings with it a new kind of sound: the sound of silence.

So don’t be puzzled by this kind of silent melody.

Being confused by the sudden shift in pace of the season is more than usual. However, there’s a simple way not to fall in thrall of the final months of the year. The secret is to let go. And to give yourself to silence, fully. Let’s bathe in the sound of silence. Let’s surrender to rest and relaxation amongst wondrous, fairytale-like settings.